Dallas, TX – Wedding Photographer – Eric & Meagan

I received an email from someone I used to go to high school with back in Missouri.  His name was Eric Yates; he was in my older brother’s class.  They had just had their 20 year class reunion in July and Eric and my brother caught up with one another.  He let him know that he was getting married soon in Texas and wasn’t sure if he needed a photographer.  My brother was so kind to tell him to reach out to me and I’m glad he did.  We worked out the details and I marked my calendar for September 13th at the Victorian House in Kaufman, TX.

Since I’d never been there before, I asked if I could attend the rehearsal the night before the wedding to scope out the area and plan my strategy for the big day.  I noticed some amazing fields along the long country road to the venue.  The day of the wedding I approached Eric and Meagan with the idea of doing their portraits in one of those fields and they were game.  Because all of the fields were privately owned and had barbed wire fences, we had to knock on some doors.  Well, really only one door.  The first house we went to had a very nice woman who gave us permission to shoot in the field in back of her home.  Eric, Meagan and their bridal party accompanied me to the field where we apparently disturbed several grasshoppers because they were hopping and flying everywhere.  I had never seen so many grasshoppers at one time!  We started with the bridal party and got what we needed before moving on to just Eric and Meagan.  I was only able to get a few shots before Meagan realized there were fire ants crawling all over her dress!  I felt so horrible.  It was obviously time to get out of there.  Luckily, Meagan was such a nature girl that she just shook her dress and kept on truckin’ with a smile on her face.  I still felt bad though.

The rest of the day/evening went according to plan.  Meagan’s grandfather officiated the ceremony and the reception made everyone have a good time.  I wish Eric and Meagan many happy years together and am very grateful they chose me as their wedding photographer.

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